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Hydro jetting

When drains/pipes are blocked, Assassin Water Jetters will unblock them with our high pressure, high volume water jetting unit. Pipes/drains are cleaned simultaneously, removing all build up of fatty deposits.
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 effulent line jetting


Drain unblocking & cleaning of sewer or storm water drains

Our high volume, high pressure hydro jetting equipment not only allows us to unblock drains but to clean them at the same time.
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CCTV Drain Inspections

Our closed circuit TV drain camera (CCTV) uses the latest digital technology to enable us to pin point the exact drain altproblem e.g. cracked or dislodged pipes, tree roots growing in pipes etc. All images are in full colour and can be recorded if requested by client. Click here to read more



Drain tracing & locating pipes

Our CCTV drain camera can also be used in conjunction with our Sonde (Attachment For the jet hose) to locate pipes, drains etc Via a 512 Hertz frequencey located via our Location Device
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Tree root removal from drains

Do you have large trees on your property? If so, you are at risk of tree roots entering your drains. We have the right equipment to effectively deal with your tree root problem.



Drain inspection

If your house 15-20 years old? If yes, then you probably have clay earthen ware pipes. After approximately 15 years the rubber seals start to break down and tree roots can enter and cause cracking and major blockages. Call us to inspect your pipes now.
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Effluent pipe / dairy hydrant blockages

Dairy hydrant blockages are predominantly caused by sand and course feed. We can jet and extract the sand / feed leaving your pipes clean and unblocked.



Dairy shed pipe cleaning

These pipes often get a calcium or milk soilds buildup. We can clean out very effectively using our jetting unit.



Farm Culvert Clearing

So often these culverts are neglected resulting in a buildup of sludge, stones and vegetation. Let us clean them out with our jetting unit.

culvert jetting